$AVES Program

Enhancing the well-being and abilities of youth through education savings

What is $AVES?

Flourish $AVES works to address barriers to higher education by enhancing the wellbeing and abilities of youth while also reducing the financial burden of higher education programs. Students earn deposits into scholarship accounts by participating in activities that enhance their personal and professional growth. Research shows that students who have at least $500 saved for education are 4x more likely to complete a higher education program.

Students, grades 6-12 in Boone County, MO who meet the criteria listed below, have the opportunity to participate in the Flourish $AVES program. $AVES will deposit funds into students’ scholarship savings accounts for their participation in approved educational, personal, or professional development activities.

Eligibility for $AVES

The following items are the eligibility requirements for the $AVES program. Any student who meets the following requirements, is encouraged to participate!

  1. Student must be in 6th – 12th grade in Boone County, MO.
  2. Socioeconomic Barriers – The student should fall into at least ONE or more of the following categories:
    • Student of color/minority or member of another marginalized group
    • Student who is/has been in the Foster Care or Adoption system
    • Student has no immediate family members that have attended higher education
    • Student lives in a low-income household (per the chart below)

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$AVES Resources

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