“I don’t know where I would be…It could have gone any other way. I’m glad I picked this.”

Flourish, in partnership with Veterans United Home Loans and Boone County Children’s Service Funds, offers paid internships at VU that focus on professional development and workplace exposure, helping students prepare for employment once they’ve completed the program.

We work with students experiencing barriers to academic success and/or employment, such as being under-resourced, underrepresented, experience in the foster care/adoption system or a first-generation student. The internships help students develop confidence and gain the tools and resources to take on their next adventure—whether that’s a 2- or 4-year degree, professional training program, or entering the workforce.

Internship Focus Areas


Interns spend approximately 80 hours in presentations surrounding personal or professional development, e.g.

  • Personal: conflict management, compassionate communication, budgeting, renter’s guide, stress management
  • Professional: resume, cover letter, interview skills, LinkedIn, networking/etiquette lunch, time management
  • Career Exploration: visits to 3 local colleges, career interest, and asset inventories
  • Financial: goal setting, financial goals, $AVES
Job Application & Interview Prep

Interns improve their interviewing,  typing, resume-writing skills, and presentation skills

Portfolio Development

They exit their internships with a polished employment portfolio and interview attire

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