Housing & Basic Needs


A safe and healthy home environment to support wellness and education.

Basic Needs Assistance

How can anyone focus on education or employment if they don’t have access to food, shelter, health, and/or safety?

Flourish supports basic needs like childcare, clothing, education-related expenses, food, furniture/housewares, medical/physical health costs, personal hygiene needs, shelter/housing, communication, transportation, and utilities support.

School counselors can help students obtain this assistance by contacting info@allyouthflourish.org.


Columbia residents living in poverty have less than a high school degree


Homeless youth who experience trauma


Students reported homeless annually by Columbia Public Schools

The Flourish Home

The Flourish Home is a place for Boone County high school students in need of housing—a place that supports their life circumstances and educational goals.

Flourish provides a safe and healthy home environment, supportive relationships, and development opportunities. Program participants are also eligible to receive mentoring, emergency and basic needs assistance, and help with savings for education and career purposes.

Since opening its doors on October 22, 2020, Flourish Home has housed 22 youth for more than 3,970 bednights. The majority of residents come from households with incomes below the poverty line. During their stay, residents improve their school attendance and increase their GPAs, helping them to be more likely to graduate and maintain employment. Staff provide transition planning to ensure youth exit the Flourish Home into safe and stable housing with enhanced life skills.

Resources for Residents

Flourish Home Youth Specialists provide direct case management services to residents, including–

  • Educational Support:
    • School-based meetings/case management
    • Scholarship/higher education application assistance
  • Employment Support:
    • Transportation to and from work, school, and care appointments
    • Career exploration, development, and coaching
  • Life Skills Development:
    • Positive relationships, conflict management, healthy cooking/nutrition, time management
  • Service coordination:
    • Linkage to healthcare and community partner agencies
    • Transition planning

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Contact the Flourish Team for additional information on housing and basic needs funding.

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