The Flourish Initiative enhances the lives of under-resourced youth in our community

We want to see youth become their best selves and lead their best lives. Flourish provides a safe and healthy home environment, supportive relationships and development opportunities for students at Douglass High School.

Our hope is to support all aspects of well-being so our youth who experience major barriers can move from surviving to thriving.

We appreciate your continued support of the Flourish Initiative! 2020 was a difficult year, and added hurdles and
barriers for many across our community. Flourish remained persistent in our efforts, and served as a constant support to
our Douglass families, staff and community. Please join us in celebrating your Flourish program and take a look at what
we accomplished collectively in 2020.

Phase I of home renovations are complete

3 VU volunteer events to help with renovations (36 volunteers & 148 hours)

The Flourish family has grown

  • Mark Kirchhoff, Flourish Coordinator
  • 5 Youth Specialists
  • Part-time DHS Assistant (Mr. Hesse is the former Vice Principal of DHS)

Housed our first student at the Flourish Home in October

“You all helped me get back on my feet and start working on school again.
Everyone here was really nice and I felt like they just wanted to help.”

$26,615.82 allocated in emergency funding for students and their families

Including food, utilities, housing, transportation, personal hygiene items, childcare, etc.

Coordinated COVID supply community distribution for COMOhelps

Including 37,055 disposable masks, 109,824 gloves, 2,645 sanitizers, etc.

Flourish SAVE$ – $14,835 total allocated

College savings account deposits for participation in professional/personal development programs

  • $8,875 allocated for completing Continuing Education Enrollment Requirements
  • $265 allocated for Social/Emotional/Spiritual program participation
  • $5,720 allocated for Occupational/Intelligence/Financial program participation


  • 3 Flourish Interns at VU, with 1 continuing an Internship in the Call Center
  • 3 paid Interns participated in Sam Brown’s School of Cosmetology

Veterans United sponsored Flourish Scholarships – $86,150 total allocated to students of color

Scholarship recipients will continue to participate in professional/personal development programs through VU

  • $2,000> Grants – 14 recipients
  • $2,500-$5,000 Scholarships – 10 recipients
  • $5,000-$7,500 Scholarships – 4 recipients

All the virtual hugs in the world couldn’t fully convey our appreciation! Thank you on behalf of all of us,

The Flourish Initiative – Together we make the difference